Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lucky Palms Gold Review

Hello People, Martains and Sims! I would like to give you a warm welcome by kicking off the first post of the site with reviewing one awesome Sims 3 Town.

Lucky Palms

My first impression of Lucky Palms was that it was a beautiful, golf resort themed town, with a hint of Vegas and a hint of Sims 2 Strangetown. The main theme of the town seemed to fit with the title. I noticed the sections of lush green, and it took me a while to figure the town out and find an outcast village over the highway, which seemed to have a story to it; There was once two lakes, and they dried up, which made the house value go down. Now, the village is a poorer part of town, with dried out pools and crumbling walls. However, this town is certainly not cheap. 2,450 Simpoints for the regular, and 4,350 for the Gold! A tad bit overpriced...





Rabbitholes & Venues

The town's community lots have a similar style to originals, however the scenery around them is very pleasing. From shaped fountains with bridges, to twisted umbrellas and unique furniture. The most appealing and unique venue to the town is the bistro. Enjoy eating outdoors and watching the sunset behind the dunes, and sit on a modern balcony overlooking the town. The building itself is quite impressive. (Below - The Bistro)

 The second noticeable venue is the Lucky Simoleon Casino. (Only comes with gold) It is a stylish, good looking venue with a few exclusive items. You can bring your Sims to try their luck on gambling machines or take a dip in a luxury pool just behind. Either you come home with buckets of cash, or finding the repoman!





The Wishing Well

The main exclusive item which comes with the town is the Wishing Well. Sims can try their luck in getting Love, a Child, Power, Wealth or Happiness. Below is what happens if your Sim's wish comes true.
Love - Frog Appears - Young/Elderly Man or Woman
Power - Changing into random clothes, Power moodlet
Child - Getting an evil child or a normal one
Wealth - Money
Happiness - Happy moodlet








Most lots in Lucky palms are very modern and stylish, with a unique theme to them. The modern houses are very bright and vibrant. There are a selection of house themes throughout town, like the Showtime-themed houses near the city hall. My favourite selection of houses are the 'Pier houses' which are on the sea and offer great views, it feels like your on a boat! There is lots of space in town, probably the most spacious town yet! This offers a great opportunity to build houses of your dreams, or put in custom venues.






The people in the town are the most unique thing about Lucky Palms. Before I looked at the stories of some households in edit town, I heard rumours about how well wrote they were. When I looked at some household stories, I was amazed by the even more effort put into the town by EA. "Father and Son reunited in the desert" kind of theme, and the return of the Dreamer family! The dreamers were a part of the Sims 2, which I remembered quite well. However, now Darren Dreamer is a festival food merchant fairy on my town...

Ups and Downs

From what I have said so far, I have not mentioned many downsides to the town. Without certain Expansion packs, the town is perfect, but does not come with ambitions buildings in the town, so you have to place them in yourself. The ready made fire stations, salons etc do not go with the town itself, which is disappointing. There are some problems with the town if you have seasons. In winter, when the snow is deep, the sides of the roads have gaps, which really irritates me. Also, the pier does not gather snow, and when Sims walk on it in heavy snowfall, you cannot see their feet. The town looks quite bad when snow is on top of roofs - maybe that's just me being picky... The rest of the seasons are fine from what I have seen so far. Also again, the price is way too high for a town like this.
The ups are what I have mentioned about the lush grass and the beautiful desert theme in the background. Basically, the look of the town is beautiful and it is well made, and has an impressive bistro remake. The casino fits in, the palms line up across the roads, and looks like Las Vegas, which EA seemed to set as the theme. It looks realistic, and brings back memories from the Sims 2 with the Dreamers and the Strangetown look. The town does not look too vacation-like either, unlike Sunlit tides. In my opinion, this is the best town in the store at the moment. If you buy this, your getting a good town.

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